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How Does Property Investor Africa (PiA) Work?
Property Investor Africa is a marketplace for real estate investing for investors, borrowers and fund seekers/project sponsors.Investors can invest in pre-vetted real estate investments online through a simple and secure website by creating an account, selecting an investment, signing legal documents and funding their investment.Borrowers can obtain business or commercial purpose loans by filling out an online application, creating an account and finalizing due diligence requests.

Can I be an investor, borrower and sponsor?
Yes, as long as you are eligible and qualify to participate for each role independently.

Who is Property Investor Africa?
Property Investor Africa is a team of professionals, with experience in real estate, technology and finance. Among the senior executive team and Board of Advisors, the team has many years’ experience in real estate investments, finance and general business management skills.

Is the PiA website secure?
Yes. We go to great lengths to ensure the security of all of our members and our data and use Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”). SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.

Borrowers/Project Owners
Do I need to be an experienced investor/developer to obtain a loan through PiA?
Yes. We will only consider projects from experienced investors and developers as we need to do everything we can to ensure the project is successful and that ultimately the lenders get the return of their funds along with all their due interest.

What security do borrowers have to offer?
PiA will ensure that their interest is protected by a registered first charge on the property, which will be held in trust on behalf of the lenders. We will also require a personal guarantee from the borrower.

What facilities does PiA offer?
PiA offers 2 products: 1. Development finance; 2. Re-finance
Development Finance is when a borrower seeks new capital to develop a project from scratch or continue existing project, with a short term completion in mind. Each project is assessed differently based on the unique circumstances. Interest is paid when the project completes.
Re-financing is when a borrower has an existing loan or debt on a project/property and will want to pay that loan off by borrowing new money at relatively better rates than the existing loan facility offers. Up to 80% Loan-to-value (LTV) can be raised on refinancing. Interest is paid each month after the re-financing takes place.

Re-financing is when a borrower has an existing loan or debt on a project/property and will want to pay that loan off by borrowing new money at relatively better rates than the existing loan facility offers. Up to 80% Loan-to-value (LTV) can be raised on refinancing. Interest is paid each month after the re-financing takes place.

How much interest do you charge?
Interest rates depend on the source of the lender’s funds. It also depends on the project’s cash flows. Rates are typically fixed over the duration of the project and in accordance with the Term or duration of the loan.

What is the duration for any loan?
The duration of the loan is dictated by the loan term. But typically, it is between 6 to 36 months. The borrower must be clear about how long they need the loan for, as investors need to be clear about how long they are investing their capital in a project.

What does PiA charge for its services?
Our fee is based on successfully raising the funding for the project, as follows:

  1. 9.5% if 90% of the funding goal for the project is achieved. We believe that with 90% funding, the borrower can raise the remaining 10% through their local bank to complete the project. The higher fee will encourage borrowers to work at achieving 100% success.
  2. 7.5% if 100% of the funding goal for the project is achieved.
  3. PiA charges a small processing fee to cover cost of processing and due diligence work.
  4. Borrowers will also need to cover their own legal costs and third party costs such as valuations and any monthly monitoring survey costs for draw down facilities.

Can I repay the loan early?�
There may be an opportunity to repay your loan early and this would be made clear in the loan offer letter if your application is approved. �

What happens if the borrower cannot repay the loan?�
Our main concern is to protect our investors. If for any reason, we suspect that you may not be able to repay the loan, your project will not be listed in the first place. In addition, as we always require a legal first charge, in the event of a default we will control the asset and manage the project until such time that we can return funds to the lenders. �

What projects can we invest in?�
All projects listed on PiA’s platform are pre-vetted and extensive due diligence carried out. Investors are free to choose any projects from any country.�

What is your approval criteria for projects to be listed on PiA?�
PiA ensures that all individuals and projects who apply to be listed are put through an extensive screening process to make sure they meet our criteria. Our team has many years in senior finance roles in real estate financing, which is applied to this platform.�

How much interest can an investor earn?�
All interest paid to investors is fixed from the onset of the investment deal. The amount of interest you can earn will depend on which product you choose. There are two products: The first is Development finance, where you can earn an annual interest rate of up to 15% depending on the length of the loan investment and how long it takes for the project to complete. The second is re-financing an already existing property, where interest agreed between the investor and borrower can be up to 10% per annum. �

How much money can I lend?�
An investor can invest as little as $250 per project. There are no upper limits to investing in a project. �

How long can investors invest in a project for?�
This is typically between 3 to 24 months. However, the project summary will state clearly how long the project will take to complete. �

Can I access my money early if necessary?�
Unfortunately, due to the length of time for the project to complete, investments cannot be withdrawn when the project is in progress. It will only be released upon completion of the project. Before investing in any project, please make sure that you check the duration you are investing for. �

How can I minimise my risk?�
At PiA, our team of analysts will do everything to mitigate any risks associated with projects
on our platform. However, there is always going to be some element of risk associated with any investment. We do not offer investment advice, and will recommend that all investors who are concerned about should seek financial and legal advice, prior to investing.�

How are the investments secured?�
All investment loans are always secured with a registered first legal charge on the property, which will be held in trust on behalf of all the lenders. �

What happens if the developer/borrower goes out of business?�
We screen all projects before they are listed on our platform. However, we accept that unforeseen circumstances can occur, leading to business disruption, including the borrower or developer going bust for some reason. Our solicitors will always intervene and ensure that investors’ money are protected.�

Do Investors need to have their own lawyers?�
PiA has a number of legal firms representing us and all investors in dealing with the borrower or developer’s legal representatives. The solicitor will collect funds from all of the lenders and ensure that they are used appropriately and secure the first charge on behalf of all the lenders. PiA pays for this service on behalf of the investor. �

Does PiA charge investors/lenders fees?�
No. The entire experience is free to investors – we do not charge the lenders any fees for this service. Instead we charge a fee to the borrower upon successfully funding their project. �

Do investors get equity or share of profits from projects?�
No. PiA is a platform to help fund property developments on short term basis. Most developers do not intend to hold onto projects for longer than necessary. To avoid complications, we recommend that investors must invest for the duration of the project. Before the borrower can extract any profits from their project, they have to return your funds and pay you the agreed interest. �

Do I have to pay tax on income earned from my investments?�
We believe this to be the case, depending on the country you are located in. However, as a general rule of thumb, interest earned from investment is taxable in most jurisdictions. Please check with your local Accountants.�

Selling Property�
What does PiA require for me to list my property?�
PiA is very particular about due diligence. Prior to listing your property we require you to prove ownership of the property. If you are an agent, proof that you are an agent, including your agency details.�

How do I list a property?�
Simple. Register free with PiA. Once registered and logged in, the rest is easy. Just follow the prompts on the screen. �
Do I pay a fee for listing properties on PiA?�
Listing on PiA is free for the first 3 months of opening an account. A small listing fee is paid after that. �

Can I list more than one property?�
Indeed. Once you open an account, you can list as many properties as possible. �

Buying Property�
How do I search for a property?�
Type your desired city into the search box and/or select from our wide range of criteria offered. A list of all the properties that match your criteria will appear. Click on any property for more information and to arrange for a viewing.�

How do I proceed once I find a property? �
Once you find the desired property, email or call the selling agent directly. Alternatively, you can fill in the form located at the bottom of the page to state your request. Somebody from the agency will contact you to take care of your request as soon as possible.�

Do I pay a fee for using PiA’s services?�
No. We offer a free buying experience on PiA’s platform. No fees paid. Just be sure to tell your friends and family about Property Investor Africa.�

Advisory & Consultancy Services�
What do I do if I need advisory services?�
Easy. Log into your account, fill the Contact Us form and wait for a response within 24 hours. If you are not already registered, then register first to be able to log into your account.�

Do you charge fees for advisory services?�
No. The first half hour is free. It is used to determine exactly what services you require from our team of consultants. From then on, a telephone/Skype meeting can be arranged to discuss matters further. If you need to physically meet to go through your proposals, one of specialist team members will take it further with you. A service fee will be determined from then onwards.�

Do I pay a fee for using PiA’s services?�
No. We offer a free buying experience on PiA’s platform. No fees paid. Just be sure to tell your friends and family about Property Investor Africa.�

How do I receive latest property information?�
Cool. Register and leave your email address. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter – PiA News which is sent out frequently to all subscribers.�

More Info?�
If your questions are not featured above, please fill in a Contact Us form on the site, or drop us an email:�

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